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A Santa Cruz Collective 
Started in 2002
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The Hummingbird Press publishes diverse, inspiring poetry by poets residing near the shores of Monterey Bay, California.


The Press is a small collective whose members are committed to bringing their varied skills to bear on the tasks essential to publishing a full-length collection and to encourage each other to create outstanding books of poetry. Our esthetic is disparate, but we are all serious (not sober) about poetry.


Hummingbird Press was envisioned to enable accomplished local poets to publish a first volume. The Press was launched in 2002 with nine members—each with a first book-length manuscript. The second cycle, of twelve books, spanned the years of 2006-2015. A third cycle was launched in 2016 with twelve poets. New members have joined the collective for each publishing cycle, as others have withdrawn.

Hummingbird Press 
2299 Mattison Lane 
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

(831) 464-8983


Our Books


Maggie Paul

The Way Home

Len Anderson

Lesser Magi

Simon Hunt

Drum of Bone, Whistle of Silver

Angie Boissevain

This Deep In

Charles Atkinson

Cricket to Star

Ken Weisner

Pulling Down the Heavens Barbara Bloom

Time and Peonies
Rosie King
Gleams When Wet
Debra Spencer

Borrowed World

Maggie Paul

Strong-Armed Angels
David Allen Sullivan
Sweetwater, Saltwater
Rosie King
The Night Bridge
Wilma Marcus Chandler

Hanging Out in the Ordinary

Tilly Shaw

Where Stars Begin
Joanna Martin 
Invented by the Night
Len Anderson
Anything on Earth
Ken Weisner
Bridge to There
George Lober
Amber Coverdale Sumrall
On the Water Meridian
Barbara Bloom
Fossil Honey
Charles Atkinson
Debra Spencer
Stilt Walking
After Midnight
Esmé Jel’enedra
Walking the Hot Coal
of the Heart
Julia Alter
Affection for the Unknowable
Len Anderson
The Meaning of Wings
Joanna Martin
In Here
Joseph McNeilly
Swimming Closer to Shore
Tilly Shaw

Shift of Light

George Lober

The Sacred Geometry of Pedestrians

Ken Weisner

I Flew Low Over Gratiot Road (Broadside) Rosie King

sample poems

From a Line by Jack Gilbert


The Chinese say, 

When you write a river, you are the river.


But today I am more the rain 

rinsing the river’s ruddy throat. 


Or yesterday’s sun, trying to swallow 

some dark delay between my four o’clock 


curtains. Mornings can be a ground

to lay our sorrows upon—a hard gift—


a tree trunk of a thing

where the past surges up like a fountain 


and cascades at our feet.

It floods the world. 


The one we step into.

The one we walk out of. 



from Maggie Paul's Scrimshaw

Upcoming events

To order books, send a check for the total, plus $3.25 for shipping and handling, to P.O. Box 32, Soquel, CA 95073

(831) 464-8983

Hummingbird Press, PO Box 32, Soquel CA, 95073

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